Surfdale Public Food Forest – Winter update (2015)

Kim and I have been visiting Surfdale every few weeks, and pulling Kikuyu from within the boundary of this small food forest project. There was a large area that was our next goal, towards the bottom edge, closest to the community hall. When we arrived today, it had been pulled, leaving a large pile of freshly ripped out Kikuyu.Here's a two minute video that shows you around the project as it was … [Read more...]

Human Nature Food Systems Design

Jason Ross reflects on Stefan Sobkowiak’s #BONZTour workshops in April this year.It was a great pleasure to host Stefan at Habitate Farm for a workshop on fruit tree training and soils. Thanks to all involved for organising the tour and hosting Stefan, Doreen and James here in Dunedin.When you are busy on the land it’s a welcome inspiration to have a teacher such as Stefan come and reinforce the … [Read more...]

Permaculture Orchard – Questions and Answers

All the questions people have been asking Stefan Sobkowiak in various online forums was recently collated by Hugo Deslippe, along with his answers. It's been carefully organised in 62 pages and a Table of Contents to quickly get to the topics you're most interested in. Read it on ISSUU, or download the PDF, and search its contents to your hearts content.     PermacultureOrchard-Answers.pdf   … [Read more...]