Are you’re looking for more efficient ways to grow food, with “multi-layered perennial plant technology” – more simply: growing food like a forest?

The depth of knowledge has been rapidly increasing over the past few decades, and the basic principles are easy to understand.

Gardening or farming like-a-forest can produce an abundance of foods in a sustainable manner, fed by the energy of the sun, the life-giving rain, on a foundation of a healthy balanced soil.

These forests include nitrogen fixing plants, fruit and nut trees, shrubs and berries, flowers for beneficial insects, medicinal and culinary herbs, perennial vegetables, edible fungi, and complimentary non-edible but useful fibre plants.

This is a way to build diversity, resilience and security back into our food system.

www.foodforest.co.nz is here to educate and to support those who want to learn more about food forests, or who want to establish a food forest in their community, on private land, or as a way of growing food as a livelihood.

If you want to find out more, and perhaps explore how we (the wider New Zealand network of food foresters) can help you, then please phone or email me. I welcome the conversation.

James Samuel

+64 (0)21 2520 653


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I am passionate about the work of growing Food Forest NZ – and at present it’s taking most of my time. This means it’s assisted by the generous support of people like you, through donations. So if you find some joy, hope or inspiration from it and wish it to continue in its mission of building security and resilience into our food web, please consider a modest donation. However much you can afford, when it comes from the heart, it’s the kind of gesture that makes me warm with appreciation.

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