Making connections

So many new connections are being made, as the wave builds behind the move to natural and local when it comes to food production, distribution and consumption. On Wed 13th August, the first Ooooby Waikato boxes went out to 48 customers. That night there was a wonderful Pecha Kucha talk at the beautiful Wintec Atrium where I got to share a perspective on future-focussed food production and … [Read more...]

Permaculture Orchard Film & NZ Tour

This is the best permaculture film I've ever seen, both from a content and film quality perspective. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in designing a permaculture orchard or food forest, whether for commercial or private use. Download the film, or purchase a DVD. This is the how-to film for creating your own commercial scale permaculture orchard. Stefan Sobkowiak brings … [Read more...]

Robina’s Auckland Food Forest workshop

The poster will give you all the details, but nothing can prepare you for the energy of this woman if you've never had the pleasure of meeting Robina McCurdy. Her biography would make quite a book! If you have an interest in creating your own backyard food forest, a community food forest on some public land, or something on a larger scale, and if want to understand something of the essential … [Read more...]