Transitioning an Orchard to a Food Forest

We moved 18 Cu M of mulch around the 5 year old trees in the Surfdale community orchard yesterday. This is a step in replacing the grasses (such as Kikiuyu) with ground cover plants of our choosing (some edible) - to be followed by other (mostly perennial) food plants in the families of root crops, herbs, shrubs and bushes and flowers for the pollinators and our pleasure. This will result in … [Read more...]

Establishing a Food Forest

Choosing the right method of establishing a food forest could save you a lot of time. Here Andy Cambeis offers some background and describes two different approaches - each right in its own context. The pioneer in Western Food Forests, Robert Hart, started his Forest Garden without an establishment concept to guide him. When Bill Mollison picked up the Food Forest idea from him, there was … [Read more...]

Food Forest Hui – September 26-28

Ten of the best permaculture designers from around the country, are converging on Auckland from September 26th-28th to offer New Zealand's first three day Food Forest Hui and Training. If you hold a permaculture design certificate (or have extensive experience in this area) and are interested in learning more about how to design and implement food forest systems, and to help create short courses … [Read more...]