Grow Food like a Forest

Use multiple layers of mostly perennial plants Increase productivity and reduce inputs Build soil and and resilience to wind, rain or drought ••• In this video an orchardist transitions 5 Hectares to a food forest and describes its multiple benefits. Project Description Miracle Farms is a members-only u-pick permaculture orchard. With 100 cultivars of apples, 16 cvs of pear, 3 cvs of … [Read more...]

Gardens of Love

I just like this story. This shows a different approach to growing food on public land, that started out Guerrilla-style and ended up getting full support from their local council. Here's the response from council letter they wrote - for the council. (I've modified it slightly for the Waiheke context) 1. Council applauds the efforts of this community group to work towards food security on … [Read more...]