The end of an era

The signs are clear and the jury is in. The industrial, oil-dependent, chemical-based food production experiment has failed to meet its promise and is now clearly unsustainable. The quality of its outputs is declining, it’s driving soil loss at an alarming rate and then there’s that issue of dependence on increasingly expensive fossil fuels. While agri-business continues to blow its own trumpet … [Read more...]

Letter to the Tree Crops

September 3, 2014 Letter to the editor, Tree Crops Association It is very healthy for permaculture 'trends' to get some solid questioning, thanks. It would be great to hear your opinion of what aspects of food forest concepts that you think are valid based on your own experience of tree cropping. I wonder what useful strategy advice you would give to the likes of the Christchurch Food Forest … [Read more...]

What the UN has to say about forest food

Here's the full article, but the following excerpts are quite informative. Forest foods are nutritionally important and are traditionally used as supplements to the staple diet. Leafy vegetables and wild animals add diversity, flavour, vitamins and minerals to characteristically grain-dominated diets. Forest foods are often collected and stored for later use. Forest foods can thus raise rural … [Read more...]