Permaculture and Forest Farming

This morning, the latest incoming news about food forests contained two important leads. The first was a video about a project by Rafter Sass Ferguson and his research into examples of permaculture being used in the context of large scale farming. Permaculture Farming It was great to see that his crowd-funding goal had been met, but what I enjoyed most was seeing how many places he had … [Read more...]

Food Forest Webinar – Nr.1 – Introduction

From a simple impulse to connect a few people in a conversation, and share some stories of progress in the food forest space in Aotearoa (New Zealand), this webinar idea gained traction rather faster than I expected. The inaugural Food Forest webinar - from Aotearoa When I made a post on Facebook page to say there were 35 people signed up for the Webinar, it was at about 7 days to go. To date, … [Read more...]

What is a Food Forest – Forest Garden

David Jacke from Edible Forest Gardens, has put together a thorough and eloquent description of the Food Forest concept, covering the what, why, where, how and more. Here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite for the full article. What is Edible Forest Gardening? Edible forest gardening is the art and science of putting plants together in woodlandlike patterns that forge mutually … [Read more...]