Sahara Forest project – a water challenge

Is a food forest part of the answer to the challenge the people of Qatar face, as their water runs out? At the start of this video, is an image of a daily line up of water trucks, and the statement that this reservoir will last only two more years! This is not a food forest project that we are used to seeing, where trees are planted in soil. This is a research experiment, with a long term … [Read more...]

Let’s not lose our sense of humus

Graeme Sait came to Waiheke Island back in 2008, and introduced the importance of humus from a soil health, plant health and human health. In this recent TED talk Graeme, a lifelong human and soil health educator, explains how 467 billion tonnes of carbon has been released from the soil into the atmosphere, and that we urgently need to return that carbon to the soil. Forest systems can … [Read more...]