Surfdale Public Food Forest – Winter update (2015)

Kim and I have been visiting Surfdale every few weeks, and pulling Kikuyu from within the boundary of this small food forest project. There was a large area that was our next goal, towards the bottom edge, closest to the community hall. When we arrived today, it had been pulled, leaving a large pile of freshly ripped out Kikuyu.Here's a two minute video that shows you around the project as it was … [Read more...]

A tale of two food forests

A short video about two Waiheke Food Forests, filmed and edited by the lovely people who have been organising and running the localising food tour led by the tireless and energetic Robina McCurdy. It was great to have the team document the Waiheke food forest projects with a fresh perspective. This video shows both the Surfdale community food forest and Christy Ralph's food forest that was … [Read more...]

Ground cover seeded at community food forest

Last week, we gathered at the end of the school day, and had some children help spread the seed for the Waiheke Food Forest. We'd done two big working bees recently, to prepare the ground and spread the 30CuM of mulch around the five year old trees. Here's the video showing the progress of this site, and it's transition from an orchard to a food forest. At 2m:40s you can see the children getting … [Read more...]