What the UN has to say about forest food

Here's the full article, but the following excerpts are quite informative. Forest foods are nutritionally important and are traditionally used as supplements to the staple diet. Leafy vegetables and wild animals add diversity, flavour, vitamins and minerals to characteristically grain-dominated diets. Forest foods are often collected and stored for later use. Forest foods can thus raise rural … [Read more...]

Permaculture and Forest Farming

This morning, the latest incoming news about food forests contained two important leads. The first was a video about a project by Rafter Sass Ferguson and his research into examples of permaculture being used in the context of large scale farming. Permaculture Farming It was great to see that his crowd-funding goal had been met, but what I enjoyed most was seeing how many places he had … [Read more...]

Beyond agriculture – the myths and the alternatives

Agriculture was the great leap forward for humanity, or so we've been told. but is it true? Toby Hemenway, in this compelling talk Redesigning Civilisation - with Permaculture, lays out a different picture and dispels the myths of agriculture as the great liberator from a life we are told was brutish and short. At this point I feel compelled to assure you, this is not a casual criticism of … [Read more...]