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Lyttleton-Forest-GardenAre you interested in maximising food production on private property for personal or commercial reasons? Perhaps you are a community group looking to establish a food forest on public land. 

Farm and Orchard

The potential is here to lay the foundation for a long and profitable future, from self-sustaining, diverse and abundant food production systems yielding premium value commercial crops. Don’t miss the Beyond Organic NZ Tour (2015 – Mar 9th – April 9th)

Small holding forest gardens

Wanting to establish dense and highly productive backyard gardens. Don’t miss the Beyond Organic NZ Tour (2015 – Mar 9th – April 9th)

Community forest gardens

If you are interested in establishing a community food forest, then please have a look at the “Manual for creating a Community Food Forest on Public Land” document, which elegantly describes the process in a summary form, backed up with extensive detail. You could gain a lot from the Beyond Organic NZ Tour (2015 – Mar 9th – April 9th).


Email or phone

There is a growing community of knowledgeable and skilled people all across Aotearoa, ready to support and guide you through the processes of design, planning, implementation and maintenance to give you the confidence to take the next step. We look forward to hearing from you,
021 2520 653