Grow Food like a Forest

Use multiple layers of mostly perennial plants

Increase productivity and reduce inputs

Build soil and and resilience to wind, rain or drought


In this video an orchardist transitions 5 Hectares to a food forest
and describes its multiple benefits.

Project Description

Miracle Farms is a members-only u-pick permaculture orchard. With 100 cultivars of apples, 16 cvs of pear, 3 cvs of plums and 6 cvs of cherry on 5 hectares (12 acres) our goal is to restore the Wow factor to foods. We grow small fruit (raspberry, strawberry, red and black currant, gooseberry and haskap), herbs, flowers, annual and perennial vegetables among the trees. In the grassy lanes we raise chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, ducks and geese in mobile pens. Stefan Sobkowiak the orchardist in this video, has agreed to join us via an online connection for a two-hour session on one of the block courses which make up the Food Forest Design certificate.


  1. Peter Miller says

    I have just been given a quater acre in the Wairarapa to develop. I want to explore food forestry techniques. I need Artices to read first.


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