Mapping New Zealand’s Food Forests

At the three-day Food Forest Hui Stephen McLuckie offered to map where the Food Forests are in New Zealand, with your help. Here’s the list as we have it so far.

Here are the TWO simple steps to add any that you know of.

  • ONEgo to Google maps
    • Type in the address you’d like use.
    • Zoom out – so that the scale in the bottom left hand corner is 500m/2000ft.
    • Ensure the map view is set to map rather than satellite.
    • Copy the link.


  • TWOgo to this form and paste in the link from the Google Map, then enter the basic details about the food forest, indicating which information you’re happy to be  shared.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you like to add more.

Note: We are very conscious of privacy issues, so you are of course you can choose to leave out the street address and give only the suburb for example. If you’re involved in more than one project then please send in multiple entries.

Leave a comment below if you’d like more clarification or contact Stephen by email.


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