Bunya Pine – Promising new tree

Bunya Pine - Araucaria bidwillii A Dr-Seuss-like tree with a straight, rough-barked trunk, bare horizontal branches with a tuft of glossy green lance-shaped leaves on the end and a very symmetrical, dome shaped crown. Tolerates light frosts. Available in New Zealand from Southern Woods Nursery and more. Impressive facts: Mature height of 45 metres, life span 500 years, pine cones up to … [Read more...]

The first four months of Waiheke project

A solid project team has been established of James Samuel, Luis Bernalt, Steve Roigard and Caroline Moore who has come on recently. Christy Ralphs continues to be very supportive and makes herself available when her skills and knowledge can be put to good use.Meetings and conversations have been had with all the relevant and recommended community groups on Waiheke, and without exception the idea … [Read more...]