Restoration Agriculture

If you are feeling bold, or just want to make certain to counter any tendency to become complacent, thinking that small, local Food Forests and Farmer's markets are the answer to the world’s food needs, have a listen to Scott Mann’s interview with Mark Shepard. Background Mark’s life story tells so much about the era he was born into and grew through. This is a story of a society increasingly … [Read more...]

Food Forest Design course cancelled

On Wednesday I met with Steve Henry from Otago Polytechnic today, the last person I needed to check in with before making a difficult decision about the course. The numbers of committed participants was only two, and though there was another two who are reasonably sure to pay and commit, that would still only be half way to the minimum numbers needed. I didn't want to leave it to the last … [Read more...]

Preparation for Food Forest Design course

We're only three weeks away from starting the first 19-week Food Forest Design course, and I've put together some resources for the people wanting to lay some foundations for this. For anyone wanting to get a foundation understanding of this subject, these are some of the highlights of the abundance of content that has become available over the last couple of years. Watch Stefan Sobkowiak … [Read more...]