Permaculture Orchard Film & NZ Tour

Film PosterThis is the best permaculture film I’ve ever seen, both from a content and film quality perspective. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in designing a permaculture orchard or food forest, whether for commercial or private use.

Download the film, or purchase a DVD.

This is the how-to film for creating your own commercial scale permaculture orchard. Stefan Sobkowiak brings a wonderfully personable approach to this film, and will make you smile from time to time as he goes through oooodles of practical information, presented clearly, in a way that can only come from direct experience.


Beyond Organic NZ Tour – Mar/Apr 2015

We are now planning on having Stefan come to New Zealand from Mar 9th – Apr 9th next year to give talks, and hold workshops. Air New Zealand has already kindly agreed to fly him here and home again.

In the month he is here we’re planning one day and three-day workshopspresentations, discussions and film screenings

If you’d like to stay informed about the 2015 Beyond Organic NZ Tour, please leave your name and address here:


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