Water, life and fertility

Without water human beings will not last more than a few days. Soil life also needs water in order to do its work of building the humus component of soil and increase fertility. Soil life refers to those organisms that spend a significant portion of their life cycle within a soil profile, or at the soil-litter interface. These organisms … [Read more...]

A tale of two food forests

A short video about two Waiheke Food Forests, filmed and edited by the lovely people who have been organising and running the localising food tour led by the tireless and energetic Robina McCurdy. It was great to have the team document the Waiheke food forest projects with a fresh perspective. This video shows both the Surfdale community food forest and Christy Ralph's food forest that was … [Read more...]

Mapping New Zealand’s Food Forests

At the three-day Food Forest Hui Stephen McLuckie offered to map where the Food Forests are in New Zealand, with your help. Here's the list as we have it so far. Here are the TWO simple steps to add any that you know of. ONE - go to Google maps Type in the address you’d like use. Zoom out - so that the scale in the bottom left hand corner is 500m/2000ft. Ensure the map view is set … [Read more...]