Building community like a forest

The first New Zealand Food Forest Hui, held in Auckland last week was a high energy and over-subscribed event (we had sold out and had people in a waiting list). Here are some of the highlights and outcomes. If you missed it, stay in touch, there's sure to be another! Building community like a forest While we spoke at the Hui, about food forests and forest gardens, we also modelled living like a … [Read more...]

Establishing a Food Forest

Choosing the right method of establishing a food forest could save you a lot of time. Here Andy Cambeis offers some background and describes two different approaches - each right in its own context. The pioneer in Western Food Forests, Robert Hart, started his Forest Garden without an establishment concept to guide him. When Bill Mollison picked up the Food Forest idea from him, there was … [Read more...]

A Food Forest in a window sill

Have you ever wondered how many plants you might need for a food forest? Well take a look at this, and you'll get a good feeling for the numbers. Andy Cambeis is spending some time on Waiheke and we got together on the weekend to go over the wording of his "Manual for creating a Food Forest on Public Land". We did this because of a couple of bright young women - a publisher and a graphic … [Read more...]