A tale of two food forests

A short video about two Waiheke Food Forests, filmed and edited by the lovely people who have been organising and running the localising food tour led by the tireless and energetic Robina McCurdy. It was great to have the team document the Waiheke food forest projects with a fresh perspective. This video shows both the Surfdale community food forest and Christy Ralph's food forest that was … [Read more...]

Transitioning an Orchard to a Food Forest

We moved 18 Cu M of mulch around the 5 year old trees in the Surfdale community orchard yesterday. This is a step in replacing the grasses (such as Kikiuyu) with ground cover plants of our choosing (some edible) - to be followed by other (mostly perennial) food plants in the families of root crops, herbs, shrubs and bushes and flowers for the pollinators and our pleasure. This will result in … [Read more...]

Community Orchard to Forest Garden

The process of transitioning the Surfdale community orchard into a multi-layered forest garden has begun. Work started on Saturday in preparation for a community working bee from 10am on Saturday 31st August. Waiheke community Food Forest from Food Forest NZ on Vimeo. We are working towards completely eradicating the grass (Kikuyu) by replacing it with ground cover species that will … [Read more...]