The first four months of Waiheke project

A solid project team has been established of James Samuel, Luis Bernalt, Steve Roigard and Caroline Moore who has come on recently. Christy Ralphs continues to be very supportive and makes herself available when her skills and knowledge can be put to good use.

Meetings and conversations have been had with all the relevant and recommended community groups on Waiheke, and without exception the idea has been met with positivity and support in principle.

Site visits have been made to eight different possible sites and a short-list made.

Food Forest Logo2A Facebook presence has been established and has been consistently communicating the progress of the project.

An intial fundraising drive was successful in raising $2,500 in just 10 days from 80 pledgers, using This funded a visit to Waiheke by Andy Cambeis, the originator of the Hawea Flat Domain Food Forest project.

Andy’s visit was an opportunity to visit and evaluate our short-list sites, host a small group of financial contrinutors for a visit to two fledging private food forest gardens and a meal, and present the project to the public at the Waiheke Cinema.

Making a plan2While the site is not yet confirmed, a first draft planting plan has been made, financial estimations (budget) begun and a timeline and planting target of end of August has been set.

The focus now is to do our due diligance on our preferred site and secure it, or find and secure another site.

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